Junior Assistant Plebe to the Barons Proudly held by Steve

Steve has project cars, lots of them , but he won’t get any of them on the road. He wants to be a Baron one day, so we made a special class of pre Baron just for him. This honor came with beer buying privileges. and I am happy to say it is working out well.  

Now on a more serious note , Those who would like to join the Barons , should drop by Patty’s Burger Time and meet the guys & gals, show us your car, buy Larry a beer and learn the rules from GTO John.

Some of Steves projects

GTO John is now the Baron’s Car Club official guardian of the rules

GTO John has, memorized all the rules and brings them up each time he thinks any of us have forgotten them.So he is now master of the rules, a very important job. Be sure and ask him about rule number one.GTO john shown here before the holiday parade. No rules were broken in the photographing of this car

Photo of Barons Car club member Debbie’s 1954 Ford Hot Rod pick-up

Debbies way cool 54 with her husbands 35 Chevy coupe. Check out http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com for more hotrod photos.

Barons Car Club Members Black & white photo

Barons checking out the 27 T’s mascot Henry

Boise Holiday Parade Clown directing traffic around horse droppings

Clown is working with what he can find, This act would work well on late night talk shows.

See more photos at http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

Wheres Larry ? Channel 7 weatherman shooting the bull with 52 Chevy Paul, Paul was with the Patty’s Burger Time entry

Thanks to Larry for a nice clear day.See Pauls 1952 Blue Chevrolet at http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com. Paul was one of the many cars entered in the parade, that cruise Patty’s Burger Time at 1273 S Orchard in Boise Idaho. Cars from the Barons Car Club , The Mustang club and more. Paul , Danny, Leroy,Diane, Martin , Julie, Joey,Mike,Rosie, Logan, Wendi, Patty , Michelle,Mel and Bo were all in the official Burger Time entry. Cruise Patty’s with us on Saturdays and you will see almost every kind of car from stocker to custom.

Barons Photos in Boise Holiday parade 2009

The Barons had 8 Hot Rods in the Holiday Parade Rumble . You can find more photos of the Barons , Patty’s Burger Time entry , The Mustang club and general parade entrys at http://hotrodhigh.zenfolio.com

No those are not my beer cans.