Barons Car club members you can now get your jackets made

 Pete Rolf an early Barons member will be running his plaque on a 1962 Ford. as soon as I get get a photo I will list it .Glad to have you back


See you Saturday night at Patty’s Burger Time Orchard Street in Boise Idaho

The cars you voted onto the 2010 calendar Saturday night at Patty’s Burger Time

Thanks for all your help. Timmy B and Gloria counted the votes. The calendar should be ready soon. Vinny will be the next Patty’s Burger Time Poster of the month. Be sure and buy one before Vince buys them all.











Gino’s Wine Tour 2009 as promised Donna’s Camaro

See more of Gino’s wine tour and Donna’s Camaro on


Gino’s Wine Tour 2009 Hot rods Muscles cars & Donnas Camaro

Sunday was Ginos wine tour . I will have the photos on soon so keep checking. And yes there will pics of DONNA’s red Camaro


Bob Found his camera thanks for the help

Bob Cook’s 57  Olds at Patty’s Burger Time


Remember the day the music died ?

Local oldies radio in Boise Idaho has gone, but never fear Big Jack will bring it back. Stay tuned and I will let you know where to find Big Jack and the oldies. I guess that is redundant, when you say Big Jack you know it’s OLDIES Rock N Roll

It’s never to early to start thinking about a party The Fabulous Chancellors and J.R. & The Stingrays

Big Jack & Patti /RPM Productions bring you the oldies , Rockin New Years Eve. Tickets go on sale December 4th


Big Party at Patty’s Burger Time Saturday 9/26/09 1273 Orchard Boise Idaho

This Saturday J. R. & the Stingrays, live music. Photos from the photo day will be here as well as custom posters that were ordered. Come and vote for your favorite poster car for the next  official cruise night poster. When you buy any food or drink you will be given a token. The cars photos from photo day are in the window with a number. Take your tokens to the Timmy B Mobile Jukebox booth and trade them in for votes on your favorite cars. The car with the most votes Saturday evening by 9pm  will be the next official Patty’s Burger Time poster car. The carhops will also have tokens and I’m sure a good tip will get you an extra token. Come have fun and vote for your favorite car. You will get tokens each time you purchase. Here are a few more of the photo day poster cars. Soon you will be able to see all of the cars ar





Thank you for your support of poster day at Patty’s Burger time. Check out the 34 Kid

Check out this way cool photo of the 34 kid.We will post more of the poster day photos on . But the 34 kid gets the first one as I owe him, since I missed putting him in the book. Enjoy this very fine Hotrod.


A few of the very nice 50 plus cars that showed up get their photo taken under the Patty’s Burger Time lights



Albertsons Boise Open Sunday